Covid-19 test

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Do you want to travel abroad again? Then it may be the case that specific requirements for preventing infection with the coronavirus (COVID-19) have been put in place in your country of destination.

In some cases, a coronatest (COVID-19 PCR test) is required and you will need to provide a certificate confirming that you have tested negative for COVID-19. Covid Test Center Aruba provides PCR tests by appointment.

We are currently offering the tests at 5 locations in Aruba. Do you want to make an appointment immediately?


About the test

PCR is the abbreviation for “polymerase chain reaction”. A COVID-19 PCR test checks whether there is genetic material (RNA) from the COVID-19 virus in the nose or pharynx. A swab is taken from the nose and throat with a cotton swab. This is sent to the laboratory where it is examined for the presence of the virus. We provide this test and ensure that the results are available after 24 – 32 hours. You will then receive the result in an English statement by email. A negative result means that you are not a carrier of the COVID-19 virus. A positive test means that you have tested positive for COVID-19. In case of a positive test result, we are obliged to report this to the GGD.